Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My First Day of Company

Hi all,

DSK Digital Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is my first company. DSK has given me to work on
there product called MOBILIS. Mobilis is one of the affordable mobile computing device.
This basically works on ARM processor. It has different peripherals like GPS, GPRS, Camer
and Other. One of the different thing is it is first HINDUSTANI product design by BHARATIYA.
I proud to work on such BHARATIYA device.

4th of January '10 the first day of DSK. I reach the office at 9.30 with tifin and bag. When
i enter the office one person was sitting on coach with newspaper. He is also joining with me.
After some chit-chatting we called by TL. He introduce us with some people and given some
books to read. After i started some notes using that books. After we got one desktop. We
started to do something on that. Our TL given some task on .Net. I dont like .Net so i told
Vaibhav to take charge of that desktop. At 1.30 lunch time. We (me & vaibhav) started lunch on out table. All employee are going for lunch in conference hall. We finished lunch and start working again. I tried to get much details of that device.

At 3.30 TL got called that device not working and has technical problem with that device. TL has to visit the client. This is first day of company and we are visiting on client side look something different. Now we are ready to go for mission. I took my bike and the journey begin. FARM ERP is client situated near Swargate. We reached there at 4.15. They need to run there .Net application on Linux. We tried with cross-over. After doing some R & D we get success to run that application.

After we go amrut-tulya for refreshment. I left vibhaav at swarget corner and my journy to home begin.

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